on 10:20

Well we got back to the room around 4.30 am this morning after I made final tabled and cashed for 8th place for £280 I had 2x10% as well ;-( . I Played like a rock all night laying down massive hands when I was totally out of position and only calling with made hands. At the end of the level 4 I was on double the ave, there was 110 runners and we had only lost 8 players at this stage. At the end of level 8 I was again on double the ave. End of level 12 and I'm on 118k with the ave at 60k with 15 runners left. We get to final table some half hour later and I have been crippled and am struggling on 30k with the ave at 89k, there was an all in UTG when we were 5 handed and I am next to speak and I find pocket kings and I insta call for 65000 he flips over AQ and hits 2 queens on the flop this is after someone states that they folded a queen. I never really survive from this hit and with the blinds at 4k/8k it's not long before i exit the card room with my Gala bag of goodies for reaching final table. The card room has all brand new tables and there is a nice atmosphere in there and Robin and John do their best to look after everyone as per usual. going for a game of golf at lunch time today to Bromborough Golf Club about 10 miles from here, £25 head and just £20 for the buggy. I am really looking forward to tonight's £200 comp which is already sold out as is the whole week.