on 15:43

I play on Blue Square last night and secure my seat for this years Grand Prix in Walsall in late October, I am really pleased with this result as it was only the 2nd attempt to qualify and has only cost me £50 at Walsall in a live satellite and $90 on Blue Sq. Last year I must have spent around £2k trying to qualify and only just sneaking in with about 2 hours to spare in the very last satellite at Walsall which I think affected my play later that day. Now I've qualified I can forget about it for the next 6 weeks ;-).

Also qualified last night were Mad turk who was bossing the table around with his normal flair, JaffaCake69(Jeff Kimber) who was getting picked on by everyone but who kept his composure affter going low stacked, Terry Walsh, Lumpo1 & riverasusual with bigalhx3 missing out.

11th September


6th September

I play the 2pm satellite down at Walsall for the Grand Prix, it's a £50 rebuy with 1 in 8 entrants getting a seat, 19 entrants gives us 2 seats and I have 3800 (2k in starting chips) at the break without any add ons or rebuys and playing really cagey as its a pot limit holdem event. First hand after the break and I get moved as a big blind on to the other table straight on to the big blind, there is a raise mid position by Tony Tarver to 700 (blinds 100/200) and I look down and find 5 8 clubs so I call the raise, flop comes 5 8 3, I bet out 1500 and tony puts me all in for the remaining 1600 and I duly call hoping to see aces or kings and i run into an absolute monster of pocket threes giving me just 4 outs which dont come, glad I didnt do the add on as that would have ended up in the middle as well. You can only play the Grand Prix final by winning a satellite into it and you can not buy directly into the final, last year I spent £2k on qualifying.

5th September

My self and Andrea go up to Bolton to play the £100 freeze out, I go out in the first level when my pre flop raises are called every time by Miroslaw Klys of Poland who has achieved 14 cashes so far this year and I got to say he is a complete and utter fish of mega proportions. Any way fair play to him and he's glup glup play he goes on to finish 4th whilst Andrea comes a very respectable 3rd after being low stacked with 16 players left and not really looking like she was going to cash, Ciaran Corbett from Boylepoker claimed first spot in his first live event, one to watch for the future.

2nd September

Today is the £300 D/C at Bolton and I am an early casualty when I walk two hands into pocket aces both times, back to the hotel for an early evening and to lick my wounds, I was only going to play the main event if I had a result in the £200 or £300 events so with no return an about £1200 after playing some super sat's and some single table's my only interest in the main event will be via BLONDE and AWOP.

1st September

Bolton starts today with the £200 freezeout and I've booked my hotel (The Grosvenor) for two days, i will only play the main event now if I have a result in the next couple of days. the hotel is SH*T, the room hasn't been hooved in 2 years and on hanging up my shirt in the wardrobe I find a used needle, i booking cheap hotels as I am trying to keep my costs to a minimum but this really is taking the piss. i dont do any good in the super sat for the main event and I make it back to day 2 of the £200 as do 37 other runners, only to e the first casualty the next day when I push in middle position with A 10 hearts after a min raise UTG by Mick Fletcher who duly called with AK.