on 23:51

I play on Gala tonight and win a seat for Liverpool or Gibraltar ($1600) after being heads up with gandice10 for almost 1 hour, ul mate wp gg ty.

4th August

Had work to do in Telford getting the house ready for the new tenant coming in on Thursday so that has scuppered my plans for Luton this week although I will be down there for my starting day on Friday.

I go over to the Black Horse in Bridgenorth (Mad Marty's & Spivvers)to play the satellite for the 888 but dont do any good when I under raise with pocket aces and let too many people see the flop.

3rd August

I crashed out of the Luton Satellite on Blue Sq quite early and also crash out of the Poker millions on Pokerstars after I play a hand really crap....-( which was a similar story to how I crashed out of Newcastle. I ended up playing at Aspers and have to say it was one of the best poker establishments I have been into although later in the evening it's becomes a bit night clubby with quite a few people worse for wear, you don't have to be a member to enter so that probably explains it.


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