on 09:19

Early start today and heading off to Newcastle to play the Pokerplayermagazine championships, along way - I know, but with so much added value I think it will be worth it, lets hope I can go 1 better than Bolton and take it down today - after all, that's the only reason I'm going there "to win". If I get bust out early then I think it will be a diversion home via DTD for the £300 freeze out.

1st August

I play at Walsall in the afternoon but dont do any good. I then decide to play the $150 guaranteed on Blue Sq ($50 rebuy) I get chipped up quite early on and push on from there. In the money and in 4th position (89k) when there is a raise under the gun to 21000 (blinds 2k/4k) from 2nd chip leader (104k) I have pocket tens and I flat call so I can get away if over cards come, flop comes 9 10 9 and he(Vondutch) checks to me so I bet 21k to which he goes all in, I insta call and he flips over pocket ladies, next card queen and no 10 on the river to bail me out and I'm left with a $300 return.