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Blue Sq & Pokerstars were my destination tonight although no results in the satelites but cashing in a couple of tourneys.

30th August
I play gala and blue square today but without any success.

29th August

I played in the £150 freeze out at the Broadway last night that had about 65 runners with some quality names in the field, El Blondie, Adan Wilkinson, Lucy Rokash, Steve Jelineck to name but a few, 8k in starting chips and a steady 30 min clock. I go down to the felt quite early when I get tangled up in a hand chasing the nut flush draw and holding top pair with a ace kicker, my opponent however had flopped the middle set so I was never going to lose him and I am seriously damaged and down to 1800 chips within 10 minutes of the start. I manage to get up to 14k. Just before the dinner break and I am going along quite steadily when on my BB I am holding A4d and there's just the one limp in middle position and I'm putting him on a middle pair or AK/AQ flop comes Ah4c5c I bet out with a pot size(500) bet and he re-raises 8 x pot (4000) so now I'm sure he's on a big ace or a flush draw, I push "all in" for 14500 total and I get an instant call as he's holding A5, no 4 on turn or river and he has me covered.
There was a super sat being run at Walsall tonight for the main event in Bolton but with numbers down all over they only managed to get enough runners for a single table sit and go.


TEAMDOBB said...

Nice result matey and good luck.
Nice to read a blogs thats up to date-one of the very few!