on 14:31

I got home quite early this morning after winning my seat for the 888.com UK Open V. I managed to get heads up with Darren Hickman and he's holding about a 3/1 chip advantage, There's 1.1m chips in play and Daz has got around 750k, I chip away trying to keep the pots small, blinds are 15/30k and then 20/40k and I flop a couple of big hands in the small blind. Just as we commence heads up we agree a 10% saver of the TV event and there's also £350 for the runner up. The deciding hand I called Daz's raise with JQd and the flop comes KhJc9d I bet out 60k and daz pushes for and extra 175k I still have around 400k if I lose the hand so I call and Daz turns over J 10 No queen for Daz and I win the seat. I have spoken with Matchroom today and I am in heat 6 on the morning of 30th October and on my table so far is Stuart Rutter (heads up with me in the GBT final last year) and Roland Dewolf, I have played against Roland a couple of times now and while I respect him alot - I will have no fear at the table. If I play my best game and the cards run for me then I will hopefully go further than my last TV table in the European Open. Picture is start of the heads up battle with Spivver dealing.