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I am off to DTD this afternoon to play in the £100 freeze out D/C 4k/4k and tonight there is a £200 PLO should I suffer an early exit. The numbers this week at DTD have not exactly set the world on fire but we should remember that this is the Bank Holiday weekend, although there is nothing else really happening on the poker front. It would be nice today if we can get a field of 150+

23rd August


Venue, Grosvenor Bristol 2pm 23/08/2008 Lets start by getting my gripes about the venue out of the way. Upon entering the building and signing in I am under the impression that this is one casino soon to be disregarded out of the Grosvenor chain as it's about 5 years behind a standard Grosvenor casino. There is no central computer link so they have to phone another Casino to confirm that you are actually a member. On entering the casino floor at the rear of the building is a restaurant with 5 temp poker tables and another section with another 5 poker tables. The dealers provided on the day tried their best but two of the dealers had not dealt on a poker table in over 10 years and were being trained as we waited to start the game that got under way some 30 minutes late, other venues I had played in this pokerplayermagazine tourney had brought staff in from other casino's to fulfill the needs of the tournament, but not here. the card room manager was on holiday so his duty's were left to a dealer promoted for the day. the restaurant had to be vacated by 6pm so that they could prepare it for the evenings bookings so they removed levels out of the structure which prevented very little poker as it rapidly became a crap shoot. 5k in starting chips and at the start of level 4, I am down to 1800 after chasing a flush, missing and the putting my opponent all in on the river with a stone cold bluff and he calls me with middle pair for his tourament claiming he is comitted with half of his stack in the middle???

I use my short stack well and at the end of level 8 we have just 27 runners left out of the 96 starters, the ave is 17k and I have around 8k and the blinds are 1k/2k. By the time we have 14 runners left at the end of level 10 I have climbed to 80k and am 2nd in chips. I take a couple of hits as we get short handed and I am pushing on for more chips but by the time I make final table (We were not allowed to take pictures inside the casino and Nick Wright from WPT magazine was only allowed to take some of the winner with the trophy as this is another Casino rule, you would have thought that with losing most of their business to Gala they would be happy for the extra publicity in magazines and on blogs. We did however manage this one picture of final table) I am back up to 2nd in chips with 80k with the chip leader Judith Edwards just 2k ahead of me. we get down to 7 handed quite quickly after knocking back an offer to kick the blinds back as this one lad is hoping to get away to catch his 10.30pm train. (this is at 9.30pm!!!) . Anyway Judith has knocked 8th place out after I had eliminated 9th place and at this point she had 118k in chips and I was 2nd on around 89k when she left the table to take a phone call, She came back quite emotional and announced to the table that her father had died in hospital and that it would be disrespectful for her to carry on, It was agreed after a lengthy discussion that we would continue to ante her away on her blinds and that every player would deduct 10% off their winnings and this would be added to Judith's winnings. Judith eventually went out in 5th place and with the 10% added still made 2nd place in prize money. I get heads up - AGAIN and although heads up was very short lived really we were both evenly chipped about 240k each. blinds were 10/20k and he raises from the SB to 60k so I reraise all in with JQd, he thinks for a while and then calls with AJ off I get 2 diamonds on the flop but with no further assistance I am the bridesmaid yet again picking up £950 with 10% going to Judith and now I have to go to Brighton on 13th September if I am to make the final in London as this will be the last leg in this years pokerplayermagazine Championships.