on 08:20

I arrive for the £100 freezeout (£25 scalp) competition at Dusk To Dawn expecting to find around 50 runners, We (me & Toni Dicesari) get there around 35 minutes late as the rain has been chucking it down restricting speeds of no more than 50 MPH on the M42 because of the spray. We enter the poker room and are surprised to see 9 tables on the go for a 3.00pm start (89 runners). I get an early double up holding AA when on a board of AQ6A6 I check the river and find another player pushing with JJ. I get down to the last 2 tables when I get involved with a hand with the SB who limps to my BB, and I donk all my chips to him when I think he's on a complete bluff, I am holding Kc7h on a board of 4c 6c Kh 5d 5c He checks on every St and I reraise every St and on the river he forces me all in, half my stack in the middle and conscious that he's likely to show me a bluff as he had me covered 4/1 in chips and had been showing bluffs for the 45 minutes that I was on his table, I call and he flips over K 9 to out kick me. I then play the £50 freezeout satellite for the main event for my mate as I'm unable to play, it gets 101 runners and makes 9 seats and £100 for 10th place, I bust out in 14th place hitting top pair on a flop and pushing all in to be called by someone holding the nut flush draw with two overcards to the board, service for the flush draw is immediate and I am eliminated. Matty Moo moo as he introduced himself to me went on to take the scalp contest down and pick up £3500 as well.

I am playing in Bristol tomorrow in the Pokerplayermagazine Championships but will be back at DTD for the freezeout on sunday evening.