on 17:50

Well, better late than never.

Had a problem with the home computer which meant that I couldn't access any poker sites or my blog or any other adult related sites, blogs, banks, lottery or any of my online accounts from my home PC restricting me to the laptop. I took the pc into the shop to get it reformatted as I thought a virus had got inside of it, got it home, reloaded all my sites and software that took two days and "hey presto" it's gone again so I have to resort to a new hard drive and reloading everything for a third time, I've put two hard drives on this comp now so that I can "ghost" the other one (duplicate hard drive No1) as I'm reliably informed this will save a lot of messing about should I encounter the same problem. I am told that the original problem was because I was running a copied version of windows XP, so I've now shelled out for a legitimate copy of Vista - so fingers crossed.

I will do a quick catch up now of the last 2 weeks as I just recapping events out of my diary, normal service resumed as from today. ;-)
Tonight I am on-line trying to win a seat for the $2.5million guaranteed later in the year.

Thanks for all your entries in the guest book and I will get round to answering them all within the next 36 hrs.

18th August

I play the freeroll on Blue Sq and bubble final table when Mr plonker 1) makers a shocking call 2) gets runner runner outdraw on me.

16th August

Had a free meal over at Broadway Casino courtesy of the management after complaining about one of their dealers, Must say that Broadway has to be the number one casino in the west midlands at the moment for staff, decor and atmosphere. I think Walsall and Star City have got a long way to catch up.

11th August

Went to Bridgenorth this evening and got a seat into a final eliminator for the 888 World Open to be filmed at the Maidstone TV studios in October sometime (I think). The final eliminator takes place on the Tuesday after bank holiday and Marty and Spivver are looking to get another eliminator sorted as well. www.boylepoker.com are sponsoring these satellites and are adding $250 into an online account with them for each heat winner, so everything to play for.- so get your butts over to Bridgenorth on a Monday evening, it's a great evenings entertainment and the cheapest way of qualifying for one of these TV events, the cash is one of the liveliest I have seen but the stakes are a bit rich for my liking.

10th August

A massive "WELL DONE" to Paul King takes down the £250 with 1 rebuy/add on down at Luton and takes home a well deserved £11k Paul is on a streak at the moment and long may it last. He had some tricky opponents on final table to contend with which makes his win even more impressive getting past the likes of Lloyd'y, Alan Vinnicombe, Marc Goodwin (who is also running shit hot at the moment - final tabling 3 times at the luton festival) and Willie Tan. Paul also gets a seat to the Champions of Champions to be held back down at Luton early in December where there will be the likes of Me (no least) Julian Thew, Marc Goodwin, Jeff Kimber, Jerome Bradpiece, Essy, Marcus Bebb-Jones and Adam Wilkinson to name just a few. Sam Trickett will also be there after winning the main event at Luton and picking up nearly £100k this is on the back of returning from Vegas with a $240k cash to his name, This is a great result for Sam who is a good steady young player who I for one will be tipping as a star of the future and I'm sure it wont be long before a sponsor comes knocking on his door, "Good Luck Mate".

8th August

I play in the main event down at Luton and exit just before the dinner break when I push my stack of 24k into the middle in the SB (AKs) after there were 7 limpers on the table, UTG has 26k and goes all in and the rest of the field fold, he flips over AQ offf and catchs the queen on the river. I then play in the £100 freeze out in the evening and I get deep in this event busting out just after 2am in 12th place (101 runners).

7th August

Myself, Andrea and Eddy (Andrea's lad) go to Sandown races for the day and in the evening Madness come on stage to shake a few cob webs off and do a Stirling performance even though the keyboard player was over 90 minutes late for the gig which was half an hour late starting, but a great performance anyway.

6th August

Played at Walsall in the afternoon and then returned to cook Andrea's birthday meal and spend the evening in managing a couple of on-line games without success.