on 09:33

Well the long old grind turned into a 2 hour exercise where I made misread after misread.
1) first level and I flop top two pair calling a re-raise preflop from the BB with 8 10 off the BB re-raise was 1200, 6 times my initial raise of 200 so I was putting him on AA Kk or AK flop came 10 8 2 (rainbow) he bet 1000 so I made it 3k and he called, 4 on the turn and he bets out 3k I raise to 6k as there's now 2 hearts on board and I dont have any to which he flat calls, 7 clubs on the river and he checks so I chuck a bet of 10k to which he flat calls and flips over pocket 2s for the set. I now down to 4600 and were still in the first level. I go out on the last hand of level 2 when I push all in pre flop with AQ and I run into AK with no help from the board I make my way down to the Venetian for the $180 evening competition where I get outdrawn in the first level, I have A 10 on the SB and I have raised x3, BB calls as do 2 others, flop A 10 2 and I bet out the pot 850 and the BB pushes all in all others fold and I say if you got the set then your ahead nad I call, he flips AK and the King comes on the river, I play the cash tables for about 6 hours losing around $150 ($25 hour) A loss of $1340 for the day.

Today is day two of the WSOP and we got some good boys flying the flag high for us with Barney Boatman being captain of the ship, Joe beavers, Neil Channing, Iwan Jones (cardiff), Dave Colclough (El Blondie) and Julian Thew picking up the rear but still in there with a little over 11k.

I make it down to the Venetian for the mid-day $340 deepstack and I'm in seat 10, first hand and I'm the sb and I find JJ with 4 limpers so I raise to 450 (12k starting stack) BB calls as do two others, 44J flop and I check as does every one else, 7 on the turn and I bet out 350 BB calls and the others fold. 9 on the river and I check, BB makes it 1200 so I hump it up to 4k and he makes it another 4k to go, only 1 hand I'm behind to and yes you guessed it pocket 4s and Im down to 3200. I make a raise out of position with pocket jacks again and get reraised so I have to pass and I eventually have to push all in just after the first break with AKd when I raised UTG
to get an OTT bet from the button with pocket 6s, no help and I'm on the single tables, picking up $710 for a $130 out lay. Bumped into Dave (the hat) Smith and have agreed to meet up for lunch after I have checked out of Tuscany and into my new base for the next week. Overall today I am $240 up and will play the $180 tonight at the Venetian at 8pm.