on 18:08

Today is Day One for the Main event for me at Ceasers Palace with a $1000 buy in and a field of around 500 runners this has been scheduled to last for three days, 25000 starting chips and a 40 minute clock I believe - so I've had a good sleep, 8.30pm last night - 8am and I'm geared up for a long old grind.

6th July

Having made the decision not to play the WSOP main event I find myself at Ceasers Palace to partake in the $500 deepstack event 15k at mid-day and do a percentage swap with Alan Vinnicombe who's on my table, 2nd hand in and it's Alans BB (seat 4) seat 7 makes it 325 to go, blinds are 25-50, seat 9 makes it 1250 to go, Alan thinks for a while and pushes all in, seat 7 thinks and then folds (pocket queens) while seat 9 thinks for around a minute or so, speaks Russian with 2 other players at the table and calls, flipping over two black bullets!!! board 475Q4 queens would have held. Alan wishes me good luck and I get involved in the very next hand, UTG seat 5 limps in as do I in seat 10 (9 10 spades) and the button raises it to 400, seat 5 and I both call, Flop comes 8s 6d jh seat 5 bets out 400 so I hump it up to 1200 and button flat calls, seat 5 folds. 7s on the turn giving me the straight with the straight flush draw /wrap so I bet out 3500 to which the button calls, I push all in blind whilst the dealer puts the 5 spades on board for the river card, button calls and has me crushed with the AK spades.

I play in the $220 mega sat at Ceasers at 5pm into their main event tomorrow and I get involved in this hand where it's the first time and hopefully the last time, I ever have to call some one a "cheat" it's my BB and the action has folded round to the button, I've only been on the table five minutes as I got moved there as a table was broken, anyway.. button, who is mega chipped up looks at my stack (around 4225) and chucks in 4000 in 500's sb folds and I think to myself that he's making a move, I've got A2c so not the strongest of hands but a hand nevertheless, I push all in and the dealer look at the button and says "he's all in" The button looks at me and flips he's cards over face up to reveal 7 9 off, I look at the button and ask "have you called" he nodded yes, he can hardly say no as it was only another 225 to call, I flip over the A2c and we get a board of JK8Q2 the dealer then counts out the call and asks button for 225, he then says "I didn't call - you just assumed that I called because I flipped my cards face up - you can call for the floor if you like but I didn't call man" the floor came and the decision went in his favour, so I asked him if he had hit any of his cards would he have declined the pot because there were 9 players and a dealer who all assumed that he was in the hand, he replied "I didn't call man" I said "you did, you know you did and your a cheat, have some respect at the table and admit it" to which he just swore at me and put his head down. I then went out a few hands later when I raised UTG 1800 blinds 300/600 and the lad in seat 7 pushes all in for the rest of my stack, he made this squeeze earlier and was forced to flip A9 off I am holding AJ'ds and with a quarter of my stack in there and a bit of a chat with him where he didn't really want the call I push and he turns over pocket ladies, I hit two diamonds on the flop but that's as exiting as it got, I was out next hand when I was all in blind and could only just cover the ante 75.
Total cost for today $740 with no return.

5th July
My final day of trying to qualify for the WSOP main event as I have made the decision not to play if I don't get a seat today. I play 5 sit and goes for a total of $2900 and I play 3 mega satellites ($2160) getting deep in the 4pm one finishing 10th with 7 seats up for grabs 150 runners. Total cost for the day is $5060 with no return So I will now turn my thoughts to the events at Ceasers, Venetian and Bellegio. Andrea (my fiance) and Edward will be coming out next week so I have to find a hotel on the strip for the three of us. I am so knackered now after going deep two days running and missing out so close to home. It's getting hotter by the day out here and I feel a little bit more relaxed now, although down at not playing the main event, but hey " I cant have my cake and eat it" I've roller coasted on the money from pokerstars and almost made another package, I can only look forward to WSOP 2009 now and you can be sure, "I'll be back"

4th July
I play in the 4pm mega sat at the rio $550 and I get deep when I am called after pushing all in with pocket jacks by the button holding pocket 7s and he hits on the turn, going out 4 from home 21st with 17 seats up for grabs out of 375 runners. Tomorrow will be my last attempt at trying to get into the WSOP as my funds are quite tight now.