on 18:48

American Independence Day

Just been to collect my laundry and every where is closed so that the yanks can celebrate 4th July, so look out if your sat next to me today.

I played the $500 at the venetian yesterday crashing out when I was all in pre flop with queens v 10s and a queen comes on the river to give me a set but gives my opponent a straight. I then played the $150 at Ceasers at 7pm and treated it as a chip up early game or go to the Rio and it was the latter when I re raised my first BB pre flop with 9 6 diamonds, 3 blacks on the flop, he checks, I fire blank no 1 he calls, Black on turn, he checks, I fire blank No2, he calls, 9 on the river, he checks, I fire blank No3 I state "All in " He calls and shows pocket Jacks on a board of KQ7 2 9 "amazing call" I said.

I then go to the Rio and play a $175 sit and go finishing 4th for $0 and I play a $1030 sit and go coming 2nd for $2700 giving profit for the day of $1000


chun said...

should have gone to madeley laundry! open 24/7. all the best from the team mate. good luck!