on 19:04

I've now realized where my missing day is and there isnt one it's just that i'm talking about each days events as they've just happend rather than a day later. (If you follow my drift). Anyways yesterday: I have a mad one, having caught up with some much needed sleep I decide to be aggressive from the off. and it 's not to my advantage: 12 noon, Venetian. $300 deepstack.. i get really deep in this with 750 runners and I get railed about 8.30pm with about 110 runners left after I make a move with 7 10 diamonds. I then go to the Rio and play the 9pm Mega Sat ($1060) for the main event, I'm above ave chips on the last hand before the first break. I call a raise on my BB with A 7 d Flop ah kd jd I bet out and matey boy who's got me covered pushes all in, I go into the tank and I know even if i'm behind to the srtaight I got outs so I call and he flips AJ with no diamond to help me turn or river I make my way to the Sat room for some single table action. I play 3 single tables 2 $175 cashed in both for 3rd $120 and a $540 table where I get railed when I hit a set of 6s v 8s on the flop early on. $1800 down for the day.