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Played the freezeout down at Walsall but failed to cash.
30th July
7th at Star City in the £10 rebuy (£80)
29th July
1st at Walsall in the afternoon comp (£325)
Seat for the $250k on Blue Sq
Seat for Luton main event on Blue Sq
28th July
3rd at Walsall in the afternoon comp (£150)
I also cashed in last nights $250 on Blue Sq finishing 53rd for $750
27th July

06/03/1919 - 27/07/1975
Love & miss you mom x

26th July
I played the £200 freeze out down at Walsall that had about 40 runners including Lucy Rokash fresh from her victory at the Broadway £500 event. I went out about 18th after being short stacked in what was otherwise a great tournament, 8,000 chips - 45 minute clock and absolute loads of play and the reg fee came out the pot. Well done to Walsall for trying to compete and take DTD on at producing value for money tourneys. i also blew about £150 on the cash table having got it up to around £450 at one point then making the cardinal sin of playing the player (Conn) and not my cards, Arh well another valuable lesson remembered today.