on 18:13

Tonight is the main event on Blue Sq with 10k added and a seat to the Champs of Champs at Luton in December, It's a $500 buy in so looks like the best value out there tonight. It is also the £50 rebuy sat at Broadway for their main event tomorrow but because of the low numbers all week I'm going to give this a miss as I think the main event there will only attract about 30 players (I may be wrong though) So tomorrow I think I will be playing the £200 F/O at Walsall.

24th July
Paul King wins the £300 event at the Broadway and netts just under £7k and then goes on to final table in the £500 event, so a massive "well done mate" to Paul. I qualified for the £500 F/O via a single table but didn't do any good. I lost 15k in one hand when I played AQ very badly and going out when I hit a straight on the turn whilst my opponent caught a bigger straight on the flop, as he re-raised my bet on the flop I certainly didn't put him on a made straight.Lucy Rokash, Steve Jelineck and Richard Twigg making up some of the competition on my table so no easy chips here. I eventually exit in 19th place out of 48 runners.

23rd July
It's the £300 DC F/O at Broadway and we manage to get 91 runners. I get deep making it down to the last three tables when I am bust out again by Michelle shiels holding AJ v my pocket 7s and she hits runner runner for a straight on the river. I also play a sit and go for the £500 and get down to the last 5 when on my big blind everyone has limped so I check with pocket 2s, flop comes 852(rainbow) I check and Alan Wilko shove's his big stack all in, it folds to me and I call and he asks me "overpair?" no I say, pocket 2s "oh shit" he says and then hits 8 on the turn and Ace on the river and that just about sums up how my luck is running at the moment.

22nd July
£200 with 1 rebuy or add on at broadway tonight and I make the break without the add on and I have 4k (starting stack) at the break so I decide to plod on with out the add on deciding to invest that money tomorrow night. Michelle Shiels knocking me out when she pushes with Q7 and I call with AK and she hits the Queen.

21st July
I play the $200 F/O on Blues Sq part of the on line GUKPT festival week going out early on when I have pocket Kings and I am re-raised all in pre flop with A5 suited and he flops the flush.

20th July
It's the £100 F/O at Broadway to kick off their festival and there's 127 runners, Pete the bandit Evans, Marc Goodwin, Conn, Amir are on my table and chips are not easy here. Bandit is calling raises with all sorts of crap and hitting everything and eventually goes on to win the comp outright. I go out when I catch a straight on the river losing to a river flush.

19th July
5pm and it's the £200 DC F/O at DTD and I crash out when theres a raise UTG 600 (seat 8) Greek Jack in seat 9 re-raises 1200 and I go all in with pocket Queens in seat 7 for 6500, seat 8 thinks and then calls me and Jack re-pops him all in.. seat 8 KQ suited, Jack has pocket 10s and the board comes down 75K 10 5 and out I go. I then enter the £50 freezeout at 8pm and the blinds go round me once without me playing a hand, I pick up AA and there's a min raise UTG so I pop it to 600, everyone folds to the UTG and he calls, 10 7 2 all clubs, he looks at his cards and checks to me, I bet out 1200 and he insta shoves, I think and check my aces and I have no club, I call eventually and he says "good call" and flips over Kc Qs and the next card, you guessed it 6 clubs.

18th July
I play the afternoon comp down at Wasall cashing in 3rd position with just 14 runners, numbers are dropping everywhere, I then go over to the Broadway and blow £220 in the £20 rebuy and then do £200 on the cash table at Walsall before going home.

17th July
The jet lag finally caught up with me and I felt like I had been beaten up 10 x over and I just slept for 36hrs straight through.

16th July
arrive back at Manchester at 08.30hrs and get a coach down to Penkridge and a short taxi ride home from there and I'm home for mid-day and thats where this years Vegas experience ends. I have some jobs to do over in Telford and I manage the afternoon game down at Star city before falling asleep at the table.