on 19:13

I went to the Rio last night (Monday 30th June) and played the $1060 mega sat for the main event that had around 300 runners ans making 24 seats. I miss out when I play pocket 8s quite badly (thats twice now, here and the european open) anyway I make my way over to the sit n goes and I play 3 $175 games cashing in 2 of them for $540 + $1120.

The Venetian $330 deepastack is my destination at lunchtime where I run into Rob Garfield and stand chatting as we have to wait to be seated as the event is sold out, 45 minutes later and my name is called as alternate number 67. My wait in the queue was longer than my time at the table when I am placed into the BB and my first hand is K7clubs 5 limpers with the blinds at 100/200 on a flop of Kh Jc 4c I fire out a bet of 2000 to be re-raised to my left for another 3k when it folds round to me I figure that this guy's got less chips than me (about 700) and if he's holding a set or 2 pair I can prob push him off it, anyway I shove and he calls flipping over KJ with the turn and river being blanks for me I shove all in blind next hand on my SB with 5 limpers and two callers to my 650, there is side action on the flop and when I flip my cards over I got the AA and take the pot. Very next hand on my button I pick up AQh and it folds to matey boy to my right who makes it 900 so I shove thinking he's on the take and he pushes back with AK, No ladys around to save my day so it's an early exit and a walk down to the mall to get a phone.

Seemed to have lost a day somewhere (oops) but on Sunday evening 29th June Ceasers Palace was my destiation at 7pm for their nightly $150 comp. I get deep and miss the cash by 10 places (28th) with 190 runners and then play cash down the Venetian turning $100 into $350 but then running KK into AA to send me home whistling sweet Dixie to myself.