on 17:53

Played in the $150 7pm game at Ceasers last night and managed my 2nd cash in two games there. I was alternate No 13 after turning up 15 minutes late and I had to wait about 10 minutes before I could join a table. I got an early double up in the blinds when I flopped a straight and my SB flopped top two pair. There were 110 runners and I finished 5th for $1000 after my A 10 was crushed by K5 at 3.30am when the blinds were 20k/40k.

The only English man left in the WSOP now is someone called Aaron Gordon from Brighton and I dont know anything about him so If you do drop me a line and tell us all about him. Phil Hellmuth, Mike Matasow bit the bullet yesterday although there is someone called Tiffany (Hot Chips) Michelle but cant find any form for her but is placed third in chips at the moment with play ceasing today they get down to the final 9 players.

I get my flight home tomorrow so my next blog will be from damp old England ;-), Just a quick thank you for the support that every one has either given me or blogged or guested to me while I been in Vegas, it is very much appreciated.