on 19:35

After taking a few days off I decided to play the $330 at Ceasers Palace yesterday dinner time which had 200 runners, Julian Thew being one of them. I don't get any suck outs except one 10 4 off v AK I pushed pre flop with 6 limpers and manage to get deep. I go out 7th when my SB reraises my BB (blinds 15k/30k ra 3000) and he makes it 90k to go, I flat call with A8 off and the SB pushes all in in the dark, 7A10 flop so I insta call and he has pocket 4s, he also has me covered, turn card is the case 4 railing me for $2300 time to chill for the last two days now and I might play one of the evening games either at Venetian or Ceasers.