on 13:15

10 seats guaranteed today into the main £750 freeze out down at Walsall (Tomorrow) it's a £50 rebuy comp so may be worth playing the satalite, not to concerned if I dont win a seat though as I have tickets for the poker player magazine championships in Bolton for Saturday.

5th June
Only 15 people turn up to play the £500 F/O and I play a £50 sng to try to get my seat, I see no point in paying any more as I knew the numbers were going to be low. I lose my satalite and make my way home.

Allan Vinnicombe out in 8th place after pushing in his chips with AQ v AK to Taffy. I finish 6th in the £300 and cash for £850 after a limp under the gun and I reraise all in with AQ suited to be called by initial raiser with AA. Ali Mallu goe's on to take the title after being down to 800 chips in level 2 yesterday, so a well deserved victory.