on 12:01

We are down to the final 12 and play commences at 3pm this afternoon. Average chips are 36k and I am in 3rd position with 53k, Chip leader has around 68k. Mickey Wernick, Alan Vinnicombe, Ali Mallu are just three quality players I have to get past if I am going to retain my title of £300 DC Freeze out champion for the 2nd year running.

4th June

Today was day 1 of the £300 DC and I so want to take this one down and retain my title. It is disappointing that we only have 62 runners for an event that attracted 138 runners last year, Perhaps the shortfall on numbers at events these days is because of the recession that we are obviously going through plus the fact that there are so many comps at the moment (let me have your thoughts on this in my guest book) could it be that the WSOP has started 2 weeks earlier?.

I start strongly on table 1 seat 4 first hand in and I'm under the gun with pocket 2's so I raise it up to 125, Big Ben (button) SB + BB all call, Flop comes 2 K J (rainbow) checks round to me and I bet 275 Ben calls and SB + BB fold, Turn was a red 4 and I check, Ben bets 450 and I flat call, 7h on the river and I bet out 1150 to which Ben calls, I show the set and Ben mucks. Around level 4 Chicken Joe comes on the table with around 35k with the ave at 9k, I was heads up with Joe in the final of this comp last year and have the greatest of respect for him as a player and a person. Joe is gone by the end of level 6 after suffering a couple of bad beats.

I saw something tonight that I have never seen before and was staggered when I worked out the odd's on this occurrence happening. 7 people sat at the table and the lad sitting in seat 10 picked up pocket ace's THREE consecutive hands running, by my reckoning this would be around 220 x 220 x 220 = 10,648,000/1 the same sort of odds as picking the six winning lottery numbers in any one week, WOW.

I get moved tables late on with 15k and am placed to the left of Big Ben and he's sitting with around 20k. Half hour in and I'm on the button with the blinds at 400/800 when Ben flat calls for 800 and I find 2 red ladies, I raise it up to 4200 total and all folds round to Ben who enquires "how much you playing" I reply that I have around another 11k in front of me when he re-raises me another 8k, I think for around 1 minute and I say " ok, it's time for me to gamble" I'm hoping that he's not holding AA or KK or AK and I hoping that he's got an under pair to me, "I'm all in" I say and I know that he cant fold as he's getting 11/1 equity return for the 3k needed to call, He calls and flips over 5 7 hearts and I think OMG but my queens hold up and I'm now up to 34k.

Mickey the worm Wernick is moved onto our table and I decide not to mix it up with Micky as I would rather make final table before making any stupid moves. I don't really pick up any more hands but I play my blinds and button carefully and at the end of level 8 being 4am we are down to 12 players and we have to bag up for tomorrow. I finish the day on 53k and my title is still intact. I am pleased with my play today and I am relived that I have gone in ahead on every occasion and stayed ahead, I have only been "all in" three times and doubled up 3 times with the best hand.

3rd June
92 runners for the £200 comp and I get deep when DC Dave Coldcough got seated to my left and on a sb/bb encounter he gets a lucky suck out on the river to take a pot of around 34k which would have put me about 10k over the ave had I won the hand, instead I am eliminated in 29th place. DC fails to make final table when he loses a call with AK v AK with the other lads King hitting a back door flush, life a bitch isn't it...