on 09:42

£200 Freeze out at Walsall tonight so lets hope for more runners than the 45 that turned up last night for the £100 rebuy competition. I have got the one house ready for let now but I am still working on the other house so I am over there most of the week this week.
I notice on the www.Pokerineurope.com web site that I have slipped from 14th to 51st in the European Poker Rankings - Rolling Rankings so I now have some work to do to get back into the top 20.

2nd June

Off over to Telford again and then down to Walsall for the satellite for the £500 event.

I get down to Walsall for 3.45pm only to be told that it's been cancelled cause nobody was here at 2.45pm so they are just running sng's this afternoon. I am concerned that the numbers are going to be low this week so I'm knocking the £100 rebuy on the head and have booked into the £200 and £300 events.. If I get a result in either of these then I will play the £500 on Thursday. I am not sure about the £750 on Saturday as I have got 4 tickets for the Pokerplayer Championships to be held up in Bolton, so I am considering playing on the satellite on Friday night at Walsall (10 seats guaranteed) for the main event and if I get a seat then obviously I'll play the main event at Walsall but it must be said that the Pokerplayer Championships are offering some fantastic value added competitions and also the genuine possibility of free publicity for the winners of each of their 5 heats..

1st June

I crash out quite early in the £1000 tournament for the Pokermillions when I call a raise with 9 10 clubs and hit a 10 high flop with the raiser and other caller just checking I bet out 35k into a 36k pot, caller folded and initial raiser went all in for another 30k, I call leaving myself just 18k and he flips over pocket queens and nothing comes to help me. Very next hand I pick up pocket Kings and am in mid position. UTG raises to 10k (blinds 2000/4000) and I move all in, all fold round to UTG and he call and flips over pocket jacks, first card out is a red jack and my Pokermillions 2008 is over till next year. Andrea also qualified for the £1000 table via a £10 turn over into a £100 turn over into the main game. She failed to pick up any big hands and got lucky late on when on the bubble (2 seats and 7 cash prizes) with 10 runners left out of a 51 strong starting field she finds AK hearts UTG and pushes all in for 150K and gets an insta call from the button, Chris (Commercial manager for Leyton Orient) - the same lad who damaged me with the pocket queens early on and he is holding pocket rockets, Andrea hits a king on the flop to be followed by a king on the river. Andrea struggles on with her low stack and survives to 7th position picking up £1250 for a £10 outlay and earning lots of respect from her fellow players and travellers from the Bridgenorth crew.
We get back in time to play my league game on Gala and I get knocked out early so I decide to go to Walsall for the £50 Triple Chance Freezeout, I go down to the felt quite early on but get lucky just before the break and get my starting stack of 7.5k up to 15k. Some 5 hours later and I get heads up with Stephen Bebb-Jones and we agree to a saver for 2nd place of £750 (was £610) with £1000 going to the winner. We then play heads up for about 45 minutes and I turn around a 4/1 chip advantage to pick up the main chunk of the cash.