on 20:23

I get back to my suite at 6.30am this morning after winning the evening $180 competition at the Venetian. I had no suck outs that I can remember and I passed many massive hands in order to take this event down. I left it too late to play at Ceasers as that comp starts at 7pm but made it down to the Venetian for 8.10pm. There were 157 entries and with 26 people left the ave was 32k and I was sitting on around 24k with it paying down to 18th place.I decide to take care of the business end of things and make the cash before pushing on, I targeted the chip leader on my table as my source for climbing up the money tree as he was playing as aggressively as I normally would and was calling people down just because he was pot committed, I trap him in one hand when I call he's raise pre flop with 9 10 clubs and I hit the flop big time when it came down Jc 8c 7h I check the flop to him and he bets out 6k and I give him a bit of speech play and call the 6k and the Qc comes on the turn, I check and I'm thinking please have the flush and he checks too, 9h on the river and I stall, taking 4-5 glances at my cards and I chuck in the remaining 15k and I get an instant call and I declare straight flush and he mucks without showing but tells me later that he had AKc. I'm now on around 59k (blinds 1k/2k) when I raise under the gun 6k with Ac 10c and the same bloke (85k) repops me to 15k, I flat call and the flop comes A Q 2 check/check A on the turn and he checks and I bet 5k to which he raises with 15k on top, I count my stack and I got an extra 24k behind me so I decide that I aint going to lay down this set against him so I push all in and he goes into the think tank and I know I'm ahead now, he eventually makes the call as he's pot committed and turns over pocket 7s with a blank on river and I'm sitting pretty as chip leader and dont look back after that.
I use my chip advantage to maximum effect and at 6am I have nearly 45% of the chips in play. One of the lads on the table with me 3 handed is the poker room manager from Harrahs who bears a resemblance to Roland De Wolfe (Andy Rich). I cash for $4700 after paying out dealers and 15% trade I'm up $3645 for the day and have got myself into the black to the tune of $1535+ for the trip.

On walking back to my suite 6.30am I go past this policeman and a body laying in the kerb, I ask if he's alright and the copper says "I'm not sure, I think he may be drunk but there again he's not breathing!!!"