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Having satellited into toady's $540 at the Venetian I go down to the felt fairly early when I have this chap calling me down on every street on a 10 high flop and I'm holding pocket kings. He re-raises me on 5th street for another 5K and shows pocket aces to scoop a 30k pot and then precedes to give them away to some body else a few hands later. I made it to the first break with 2800 but hit the rails 15 minutes into the next level when I push all in with AK and get 3 callers JJ 88 and AK and the jacks hold up. I was the first casualty on the table after 2hours so it was one of the tightest tables I ever played. Tonight I will play the $150 at the Ceasers Palace.
I am staying about 2 blocks from the strip around a brisk 15 minute walk, the heat out here at the moment reaches about 110 at about noon. I love the weather out here and I just love Vegas and it's 24/7 life style and the fact that you can get a game any time, any place, any where.
I always said that I would never move to America because of it's gun culture but I would seriously consider a move out here. What better place to live and play poker is there, somebody please tell me.
I am meeting with Mad Marty Wilson tomorrow as he will give me a better exchange rate for my stirling as he had a result in the seniors game and he has some dollars to dispose of (old bastard!!!)
On walking back to the hotel I notice that petrol is just $4.24 for a gallon (£2.20) ffs our petrol back home must be made of different stuff as we're paying around (£6.50) a gallon.

28th June

Today I played the $540 and the $175 comps down at the Venetian and the $150 at Ceasers Palace I also take part in 3 $130 sit n goes cashing in one of these for $570 so today has cost me $1255 but at least I got a credit for tomorrows $540 main event at the venetian.
After doing over $800 on day one I tell myself I got to be more carefull as I'm on a limited budget and it's so easy to drift from comp to comp out here chasing your losses that I dont want to fall into that trap.
A cash some time soon would be handy though. I also get to the point today where I cant remember what comp I went out of holding what hand, that has to be a kick up the arse to tell me that I'm playing to many games to soon.