on 18:07

Not the best of starts for my 2008 trip to sin city,
I played in the $300 comp in the Venetian but went out in the first level with a set over set I had tens and this old lady had kings and didnt reraise me pre flop. KT4 flop with 2 clubs so i pushed and I need the case ten and this yank declares to me "I folded the 10 dude"
I then went to the bellegio and played a $240 sng for todays deepstack $1150 and went out 1st hand with pocket aces, I'm under the gun and I raise it up to 250 and get 2 callers, flop 963 rainbow, first to speak so I push all in and get an instant call from pocket 3s I then came back to Tuscany and played the cash tables here putting about £150 and getting outdrawn twice I decide to call it a day about 4am. Today I am off to the Bellegio to try and sat into their main event again if thats no good then there's the Ventian $540 or ceasers palace at $310 both deep stack tourneys.