on 23:04

Well it's been a long day and its only 3pm Vegas time.
I played at Walsall last night on the cash table and left there around 2am to go to Digbeth Coach station to get the coach to manchester at 4.30am I tried to get on the 3.10am coach but it was fully sold out so caught the coach that I had booked for and got to Manchester fo around 6.45am.

Phil (the power) Taylor is on the flight and sitting cattle class with the rest of us so I'm assuming that Phil made the decided on this as he could easily afford buiness or premium class, loads of respect to the power and I hope you do well in the darts match out here although he did say that he would have liked to have had a game or two but would not be able to.

The flight left on time and I get a seat right at the back, so I'm last off - but hey, whats the rush. I then have to stand in another queue as I'm stupid enough to declare that I'm bringing over $10,000 into the country (never again). anyway, a cab back to the Hotel and i'm unpacked so now a quick shower and shave and I'm off up to the Belligio to see whats happening and who's in town. The flight was ok and the leg room was around the same as the Virgin flights. food received a 6/10 so overall a 7/10.