on 16:39

All my flights, Hotels and travel arrangements are booked and confirmed, I am travelling up to Manchester tomorrow and getting the 9.50am flight with BMI direct into Vegas landing just after 12.30 (Vegas time) after a 10hrs.40min flight. I'm hoping to get some sleep on the flight so that I can play one of the lunch time sit and go's in the Bellegio for the evening event that they have there. I am booked into the Tuscany Suites for the first 6 days of my stay, I booked this hotel as it was where I stayed last year and the rooms are very spacious indeed with two great pools to relax next to in the mornings for an hour or so before it gets too hot.

24th June

Michelle and Crystal (my daughter and grand daughter) came over to stay the night before I fly out to Vegas and it was really nice to see them. I've been trying to tie up a few loose ends and am having problems with one of my house's where the fixed rate that I am on is about to expire and the deal that the existing company is offering me really sucks so I cant do anything about that now till I return from Vegas.

23rd June

Landlords certificate required at house in Telford and Gas board coming out between 8am and 2pm and guess what 1.45pm they turn up, total waste of a morning.

22nd June

Spent most of the day glued to AWOP http://www.aworldofpoker.com/ and I was so hoping that my mate Dave Mauldin would win the main event in Bristol, not just cause I had a share in him but because he is genuinely one of the nicest people on the circuit and he's missus CAZ is a total fruit case and is the only person I have seen fall over from a seated position whilst being drunk.

21st June

Me and Mark have a great breakfast in the boat on the harbour side and then we head off home leaving all hopes of winning the main event there a distant dream now. I leave knowing that I played my hands well and couldn't really have got away from them. We've had a great few days down here and it must be said that the Bristol Gala card room is one of the nicest card rooms I've ever played in and the staff as always are first class. All three events were sold out well in advance and all seemed to go seamlessly, all due to the managers and staff from Gala, coral.

20th June

I get eliminated quite early on when I am holding pocket queens and I get involved in a four way pot pre flop, when a 10 high flop comes down there's two of us left pushing all our chips over the line, myself and Richard Howe and Rich picks up his winnings when he flips over pocket queens to leave me reduced to just 650 early in the first level, I manage to get back up to 3100 just before the first break but am holding pocket six's on a 9 6 2 flop, and I push all in to find a bigger set of 9s calling me down and he has me covered. I retire to my room to sulk and to log onto pokerstars winning a small cash amount and then I get plastered with Mark in toe and end up back at the casino till about 5am and slightly worse for wear.