on 19:41

Today is the £550 main event that kicks off at 3pm and I'm really looking forward to it, I've had a nice big breakfast on a boat and I'm as focused as I can be.

19th June

Well it's 7.45pm and I'm back in the hotel room watching Germany v Portugal. The £200 F/O started at 6pm and I turn up 5 minutes late and I am seated at table 13 seat 7.

I win my second hand when I raise under the gun with pocket jacks and I pick up 2 callers and a 10 high flop, both check to me and I raise it up and they both fold. My BB and I find Ace 10 Diamonds and there is a raise in mid position (seat 10) to 125 (blinds 25/50) 3 callers round to me so I hump it up to 400, inital raiser reraises up to 1100, SB calls and I call: flop; 7d 2d 2s SB bets out 400 I call and seat 10 raises to 1500, SB folds and I flat call, 6d on the turn and I figure that I am strong with the nut flush as I'm putting him on an over pair, I check and he bets out 1500 to which I call, 6h on the river and I check to which he goes all in and I insta call and he flips over the full house with pocket 7s, So I have the walk of shame after being eliminated in first out after only 7 minutes of the competition.

I have transferred my starting day for the main event from Saturday to Friday so I will play a little on line tonight and then get a good nights sleep before the main event tomorrow.