on 10:30

Today is the £200 F/O and with 140 players already registered looks like it's going to be a nice pot up for grabs

18th June
Arrive in Bristol for the start of the Gala Great British Poker Tour and the good new is that tonights event £100 F/O is already sold out with 25 runners on the alternate list, the £200 and the £500 are also sold out.

7500 starting chips and at the start of level 6 I have doubled my starting stack and I am perched on around 15k when under the gun I find pocket kings and I min raise to 1200 when the lad on the button pushes all in and just has me covered, I call and he flips over AK and sucks the ace out on the river. I then go and do £400 on the cash table having pocket aces beat by K 10 all in pre flop for £200 and then floping a 10 high flush to be out pipped by the jack flush £200. I retire to the Hotel IBIS next door.

17th June

I go over to the council at Telford and agree compensation for the loss I suffered on one of my property lets, and the house is now ready to relet..

I book my flights for Vegas and I will be flying out on the 26th June I intend to play the main event and some events down at the Venetian and also at the Bellegio.