on 13:39

Feet back on the ground and back to reality, Have a few things to do over at Telford and with no sleep and feeling a bit the worse for wear but very excited at the prospect of Viva Las Vegas I set off early as the car is booked in for a service at 9am sharp, then I have a hair appointment and that reminds me I must get some dye to eliminate the grey tones that are starting to come through. Think it will be an evening of chilling out tonight and just sleeping, will check on the Vegas flights tomorrow.

15th June

8076 runners

Started Sunday 9.30pm (uk time)

Finished Monday 6.25am (uk time)

My final chip count was 325,231

Placed 22nd

It was indeed a last minute decision for me to play this event as my luck on line just lately stinks, so I deposited enough funds into my account $370 with no more than 2 minutes to the off and by then I knew there would be no overlay and infact we would be playing for more than the 200 seats that Pokerstars had guaranteed It eventually made 226 seats and a little cash.

I got lucky around 4am when I pushed with an ace on the flop and ace 2 in my hand only to run into ace jack and I spiked the 2 on the river to crush my opponent and that was my only real suck out of the evening.

Now I'm going to go down to Bristol later this week in a relaxed state knowing that my seat for the BIG ONE is secure. I will try to get some sponsorship for the side events at the WSOP so if your interested in some action then give me a call.

14th June

I played the £200 F/O and the £50 F/O at dusk to Dawn this evening but didn't get anywhere when my aces were cracked early in the £200 and to be honest I was on tilt in the £50 F/O and shouldn't have played it. I made about £100 back on the cash tables so that at least payed for the diesel which is in short supply and very expensive at the moment.

13th June (Friday 13th)
Claire (my daughter) moved into her flat today in Wolverhampton, a nice little flat at the top of three quite steep stair cases with no bloody lift and I volunteered to help her move, although when I was done there I did say to her that she's got to stay there at least two years if she wants a hand moving her stuff back out.. Good luck in your new home baby and good luck with your new job, I love you tons xxx

Me and Andrea went to Broadway for the evening rebuy and I think they just made the 65 runner mark (everywhere is dead at the moment, Whats Happening???) I exit early and Andrea out stays me so I head over to the cash table and redeem myself for the 90 minutes that I was left to lick my wounds and I clear a tidy £250 profit on the £2 -£5 table.

12th June

I played the evening comp at Walsall but take an early exit when I make a move and get called by the nuts... home to play on-line and just chill.