on 11:24

I am over at Telford today having let one house I need to get the other one ready for let now and will probably play down at Walsall this afternoon.

10th June
I played the £15 rebuy comp down at Walsall and went out in the unlucky for some position having my ace 9 hearts called by pocket 8s.

9th June
I play the £4k guarantee at Walsall (£15 rebuy) and 70 minutes into the comp and I am £150 down and decide to call it a day.

8th June
I just played on line today (Gala) but without any great success.

7th June
Poker Player Championships in Bolton and we've got 100 runners, I go there with the intention of winning this event as I have a game plan to be aggressive and push on in the early stages, I get lucky a couple of times and I make final table as chip leader, Heads up an I got about a 5 to 1 chip advantage and I get card dead right at the wrong time, when I have half a decent hand I find myself out kicked and when I have a good hand I get outdrawn. I cant wait for the Walsall leg when I hope to improve on my 2nd place and my £850 cash. This was a great tournament with a great structure with the only thing letting it down was the lack of a buffet.

6th June
I play the £20 re buy at the Broadway 62 runners and I cash for 3rd place for £650 I have a bad experience over here with one of the dealers who would be better suited to working in a mortuary than a casino. I head over to Walsall and I play cash (Omaha) I win a further £230 in the 90 minutes I was there and then head home at 6am knowing I've only got about 4 hours sleep before I head up to Bolton.