on 15:34

Today I am playing in the afternoon comp at Walsall and also this evening as I have to secure enough points to finish in the top 32 to qualify for the heads up eliminator next weekend, I've only managed 3 games here in the last month so I have to place to get enough points to get into this... and because it's Walsall, my home casino then natually I want to win it.

5th May
Today is a bank holiday so I am going to catch up on some much needed sleep and just chill out after a hard week at DTD.

4th May
I was out in the first two levels at DTD (£300 deepstack freeze out), when I let a Yankee dealer put me on tilt and when I played a flush draw to aggressivly and it cost me my tourament and to make matters worse went on to the cash table and did over £1000 before i eventually left at 4am.