on 13:13

Went to see Never Forget at the Savoy theatre tonight and then went for a lovely meal in Covent Garden although I nearly fell over when getting the bill as the 2 glasses of wine came to more than the food bill.
We arrived at Leyton Orient's football ground for around mid-day and I played 2 satellites and Andrea played 2 satellites and we both got deep in both of our sat's but falling at the last fences forced us to play some £10 turn overs into a £100 turn over into the main £1000 tourney, we both win sets into the main event so it will be fingers crossed for tomorrow.
Players of note that were present today included Woodley, Monkey, Dave Smith, Skallie, Albert Saperino, Stephen Davies, Barry and Eddy Hearn, Andy Greekfish, Norman and Beverly Pace oh and that fish Josh Tyler doing his best to upset everyone.

30th May

I am travelling down to the capital today so that I can play in the poker million satellites scheduled for Saturday and Sunday at the Leyton Orient Football Club. Mad Marty will be down there along with many of the lads from Bridgenorth, Two seats guaranteed on Sunday for the TV show later in the year (Worth £10,000 / $20,000 each) so it will be fingers crossed.

29th May

I played the afternoon £10 satellite down at Walsall for the £300 freeze out next week and bubbled on final table when I made a move when I was short stacked. In the evening I play the £20 Satellite for a seat in the £800 next week and once again on final table 2 seats up for grabs down to the last three players and I'm on the BB (2000/4000) when the SB calls and I check with 3 5 off. Flop comes 4s 6c 7s the small blind bets out 5k so I repop him for an extra 20k I have at this point about an extra 25k behind me, SB then pushes all in and I insta call. He flips over 7 9 off for top pair and I have the nuts... not for long though.. next card 7 river card 4 to send me crashing to the rails.. This game can be so cruel sometimes. Steve Davis the seasoned snooker professional made a rare appearance on the cash table and was telling me that he was in the area as he had been to an exhibition match in Wednesbury somewhere and will be down at Leyton over the weekend.

28th May
I make final table down at Walsall only to be eliminated when my pocket queens run into K 8 suited on the big blind who called my all in because he had me covered 4/1 in chips and thought I was at it.. and then hit the King on the turn. Better news in the evening when in the league game I get heads up with Brian Clough and win the seesaw battle that lasted for about half an hour.


gladiator2007 said...

soooooooooo sick m8.
who was the lucky bugger that got runner runner on ya?

and who got seats last nite

gladiator2007 said...

feel sick for ya steve...
that was a bad beat and a half. who was it and who got the seats last nite...