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Off over to Bridgnorth again tonight to try and win another couple of seats for the Poker Millions Satellites at the weekend down in the Capital.

I was over in Telford again today and on driving home I stopped of to get some diesel, It's not very often that I check the pricing out but whilst I was filling up I was facing the boards with the price per ltr on... £1.15 per ltr for petrol and £1.31 for diesel. WTF, didn't the country come to a standstill 4 years ago when they were threatening to make it a £ a ltr, whats going on and where is it all going to stop, these prices are killing our industry and in the long run we will all suffer, They (the authorities) try'd to persuade us all to travel on public transport but that's all either too unreliable or even that can be expensive. With all the money that we are shipping abroad

to help all the victims of hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and other disasters someone in power should realize that this country hasn't got a bottomless pit of money and resources. We seem to have more Polish workers than Poland or any other country taking the migrant workers and they are taking the jobs that no one wants and you just know that they will end up being the best paid jobs eventually. This country is really going to the dogs, leave your thoughts in my guest book, all entries will be read.

26th May

Bank Holiday Monday and the weather is typical for the bank holiday, cold, wet and bloody miserable. I can understand why people want to live down under, me included. give me your thoughts on this in my guest book.

Went to see the film 21, don't really know what I was expecting, perhaps the formula to beat the casino's and make shed loads of money but it wasn't in the film and my own personal opinion is that is was ok 6/10.