on 13:53

Typical of the English bank holiday weather and it's chucking it down so I am off to see the film 21 this afternoon so will give you some feedback on that. Tonight is my league game on Gala while on Blue Sq and the other i-poker skins is the start of the ecoop week long of value added s tournaments. I will also be playing the qualifier on Poker stars for the World series.

24th May
I survive till just after the dinner break in the £300 DC Freeze out at Walsall and it was good to see a fair turnout (50 runners) with some good names in there, T.K. Steve Jelineck and wife, Tom (red dog) McCreedy, Frankie, Marcus Bebb Jones, Mad Turk, Matt (bulldog) Bluenose. I crash out when I re-raise with my short stack holding pocket nines and get looked up by a caller with AK hitting the King on the flop.

23rd May
I spend all day over at Telford again grafting away with the garden and the privet hedge that was about 12-15 feet high. No poker today as I'm resting up in preparation for my game down at Walsall tomorrow.

22nd May
Another day over at Telford and the gardens coming on now although it's taking a lot of hard graft and a lot of blisters on my hands, this is absolute murder, obviously I've forgotten what hard work is all about. I play the £10 super sat at Walsall as it's for a seat for the £300 and the intention is to use it for the festival if I win one.. 32 runners and I finish 9th with 4 seats up for grabs.

21st May
I start the gardens over at Telford and this looks like a 4/5 day job as Tarzan said to Jane "it's a jungle out there". I play the afternoon freeze out down at Walsall but don't get very far.

20th May
After heading over to Telford I discover that another one of my tenants has done a moonlight but at least the house is in good order but the gardens on this property (and there's a large front garden as well as a large rear garden) haven't been tended to this year. I also cash for 2nd down at Walsall picking up £350 after doing a deal with the chip leader when 2 handed.