on 17:24

Last night I went out on the first hand of the evening on the big blind. Action folds round to the button and he puts a raise of 125 on the felt, I re pop him to 375 when I find the 3 5 clubs, Button flat calls my raise, Flop comes 3s kd 5s I bet out 425 from my 3k starting stack and button flat calls me, 9h comes on the turn and I lead out with a 425 bet to which the button pushes all in, I call instantly and he flips over KJ off.. 9s comes on the river to seal my fate.
I spend the rest of the evening playing sit and goes where I pick up two 2nd's and a loss and then I go on the £1/2 cash table and £2/5 table where I lose £400 on the evening.. My last hand of the night, I had £700 in front of me when I re-raised a £30 raise to 2 flat callers and I pop it up to £85 back to the raiser who asks how much I am playing, I reply that I'm holding around £650 in front of me to which he declares all in and he has me covered, I know he's holding aces or kings and I have to call I am holding AA (both red). He turns over 2 black kings and the first card to hit the flop was a red king and all my hard work is undone, rather than chase my losses I decide that it's time to make the journey home.

I have a day off today and then I am scheduled to play the main evnt at DTD tomorrow at 3pm so I'm just chilling out tonight, watching tv and having a hot tub.