on 08:50

Well Friday is here and typical of the English weather, its bloody raining so that's put the cob wash on any ideas I had today of playing a round of golf, I am after all a fair weather player. I have so much stuff to sort out with one of my other house's that I'm not going to go Newcastle, Yesterday they only managed 65 starters and the word is that they will struggle to get 100 today and I think that the side events over the weekend will probably struggle as well, so it looks like I could be playing on line most of the weekend.

15th May
I get deep into the $10k guaranteed on Blue Sq and crash out in 8th place when my Queens get bust by AK with the ace falling on the river. I make it down to Walsall for the £10 satellite for the £300 DC Freeze out next weekend and I have to wait as an alternate, there are 20 players in with 2 people on the list waiting to join, I get in at the end of the first level and I'm in the dealers chair, I don't play a hand for 20 minutes as I'm dealing myself complete and utter garbage and I look at the clock and decide that with 25 minutes left I have to start making some moves and get some chips. By the end of the call for the last three hands my pockets have been relieved of £70 in buy-ins and an add-on but at least I've got 4500 at the break so at least I've brought myself a bit of time to pick my spots (I think so anyway). First hand back after the break and the chip leader has raised up to 1200 UTG and I find Jacks, I push, he calls and I'm happy to see him flip pocket 4's and gift me with a well timed double up, I make final table with just 5600 and get a double up after a round or so when my A 10 gets a look up from an A 5 from Tosh who just thinks that I'm at it. I sneak into third spot when 4 handed on a board of A 5 8 Matty (Bulldog) bets out, Tosh raises and Matty moves all in, Tosh thinks and calls and suddenly I'm interested because Matty has Tosh covered and I sitting here with just 8k in front of me so I silently routing for the Bluenose(Matty) Tosh turns over A J while Matty is holding pocket 5's, nothing comes to save Tosh and the chip leader was happy to take the 3rd place cash prize of £290 leaving me and Blue nose to pick up the seats.

14th May
With not much else in my diary I decide to go to Walsall again for the afternoon game, I make final table only to bust out on the bubble when I push with 10 2 off to try and steal some chips.

13th May
Today I just played the £40 DC Freezeout down at Walsall, final tabled finished 3rd and picked up the princely return of £145