on 15:17

Tonight I am going over to Bridgnorth to play the satellites for the poker million to be televised later in the year.

11th May

Villa get a draw down at the home of the hammers and the toffee men beat the Toon army to deny Villa a well earned European spot, still we have the Inter Toto to look forward to now at the start of next season lets just hope that we can retain the services of Martin O'Neil and Gareth Barry. Birmingham Shitty get relegated so there will be no tears spilt there....

I go over to DTD to play the £100 freeze out, I make it to the break of my table when I get moved onto another table with around 4.5k. This one lad keeps raising every pot and it's my big blind for 400 so I call the raise (1200) and I'm holding 9 6 spades.. flop comes down A 10 spades A hearts, I check and he bets 1200 so I move all in, he insta calls and is holding A K no spades.. next card spade gives me the flush while the river brings the King to send me to the rails.
I play cash for a short while but quit the table when I push £200 into the middle of the table pushing a flush draw against top pair and miss everything.

10th May
I decide to travel back from Liverpool and give the main event a wide berth and this proves to be a good decision as there's only 18 runners for the main event.. I play a final on Pokerstars for a seat for Vegas and I have 9000 at the first break (5K starting chips) when after the break I've got the chip leader(37k) on the table moving all in every hand and telling people to call as he cant play any longer and he's calling with shit, this goes on for about 10 consecutive hands when I pick up pocket 9s on the big blind with a limp in mid position and an all in from the chip leader, I go all in for just under 9k and the limper goes all in, Limper has AA and chip leader has JJ so you can say that i was dead and buried.

9th May
Its the £200 freeze out and we have a massive 52 runners, I loose most of my stack of 10k starting chips on three hands where I'm called all the way down to the river on all three occasions only to be out pipped each time. I play cash for a short period but o be honest couldn't wait to get away from here, I chat with Cliff the card room manager and tell him my thoughts on the card room and he agrees with me but says that there is nothing he can do about it?
Well lets just hope that things improve before the Great British Poker Tour lands there otherwise Gala could score an own goal.

8th May (Evening)
Landed in Liverpool around 5pm and booked into the City B&B on the outskirts of the town and about a five minute ride from the casino, rooms are £30 per night or £35 if you want the breakfast, Checkout at 2pm (yes 2pm) and the rooms are located over this cafe in an industrial part of town so loads of parking at night time. The rooms are large 20 x 20 with 2 single beds but quite basic and Betty, the proprietor is very accommodating, I will certainly use this establishment next time I am in Liverpool.

I go down to the Casino and book in for this evenings competition and I discover that it's a £100 rebuy and not a freeze out as advertised on www.pokerineurope.com and I also book in for the £200 freeze out tomorrow, I am ticket No 3 in both comps so this is not a good start as I was expecting that these would sell out with at least 100 runners each day.

I have a walk around the Albert docks, there is a hell of a lot of work going on in Liverpool and the docks are very impressive, inviting, clean, and to be quite honest you could forget you were in Liverpool, loads of bars and eatery's without bouncers at every point of call.

I arrive for the 8.30 start at 7.45 and the place is empty so I'm hoping for a mad rush which doesn't really come and at 8.30pm we have just 48 runners and this gets up to 51 once the alternates have come in.

The card room has 10 large tables and I'm informed that they can get 12 tables in there, these tables must be about 5 years old and feels like a piece of felt on top of some ply with a steel ridge round the edge of the table, after about half an hour of sitting there I could feel my arms bruising where the steel ridge is, these have got to be the most uncomfortable tables ever to have been invented, There is no electronic devices or TV monitors in the card room so any information that you need like how many runners left or whats the ave chips, you have to ask Cliff, the card room manager - who then writes it down on a piece of paper and passes the information back to you. This is the venue for the 4th round of the Great British Poker Tour to be held in September so I suppose that they have got 3 months to get their house in order or I can see alot of complaints about this venue.

I am on the BB for the first hand and I flop a set of jacks on an un-raised pot, I bet the flop and get two callers and on the turn I bet the pot and get just the 1 caller, I bet out 1200 on the river (5k starting chips) and the other caller puts me all in for my last 2k, I call and he has J 10 whilst I am holding J 5, a re buy See's me through to the break when I double up with pocket jacks hitting quads with someone betting into me, although my luck deserts me after the break when I have my pocket kings bust by pocket 5's and after getting down to the last 18 I donk off the remainder of my 22k stack with AQ against AK of Warrior's (former Gladiator of the original series on itv). I then sit on the cash table for about an hour where we are given a trainee dealer and we are told that we wont be charged a session or rake cause he's an inexperienced dealer but we can tip him if we wish...