on 08:42

Today is the £50 with limited re-buys at DTD (Dusk to Dawn) so I will be back over there later and if unsuccessful in the comp then I will try my hand on the bulging cash tables..

28th April (Monday)

Norwegian Poker Championships at Dusk till Dawn

Today was the £150 Freeze out that attracted 75 entrants with a prize pool of £11,250 and this was the first ranking event that the club had held, I made it down to the last 18 but my only excuse was that I was moved a total of 9 times and it seemed that I was getting moved every time I lost a pot.... However, Lucy Rokach took the honour of winning the first European points to be won at this popular fantastic poker venue. I do £165 on a single table sng going out to a river suck out from one of the very many scandies who have descended on the club this week. I retreat to the cash tables of which there are about 12-14. I do £90 quite quickly chasing a draw and I have to reload and so I go down to a £1-£2 table and deposit £100 which I convert into £850 in about 1hour 20 mins and decide to leave while I'm ahead plus it's getting late (03.45am) and I still got to drive back to Walsall.

27th April Sunday Evening..

Villa fight back and earn a tremendous draw against the toffee's and I have a strange situation in the £200 in Manchester. 4 tables left and I raise up under the gun with pocket 10's, one flat caller and then the player in seat 10 (I'm in seat 2) re raises to 2100 to which I flat call and the other caller calls. Flop comes 10 7 3 rainbow, sb checks so I bet 600, player (seat 4) folds and player in seat 10 chucks 2100 into the pot. The dealer says player all in for 2100 total, so I put all my chips over the line, I say, he's all in and the dealer says 2100 all in.. I take out the change that is due to me, flip my set on their back and he flips ace 10, turn card is a 4 and the dealer starts to burn the next card when player in seat 6 says, hang on, they both still got chips left - it turns out that seat 10 wasn't all in, admitted that he would have called a re-raise from me had there been one, He was let off the rest of his stack and the pot was pushed to me... I would have had him covered and been an extra 4k better of, as it was - I let this affect my game and my concentration and very shortly afterwards pushed with AQ against a raise who I thought I could push off but my luck was running thin and he was holding AK.