on 11:28

After taking the Friday off and chilling out, I played the afternoon game down at Walsall then spent the evening watching egg heads and falling asleep on the sofa. I make my way back to manchester on the Saturday in mid position really, 32nd out of 79 returnee's. I lose a chunk of my chips early on when I play AK quite badly (weakly) and I'm down to 17k in the first level (10) of the day. Half way through level 13 and I'm back to my starting stack whilst at the dinner break I'm on 47k. After dinner I reach the heights of 55k but alas that was my peak, I make a move with A3clubs just as the table is being broken up, I'm on the button and I raise 3k with 10k and the small blind puts me all in.. I fold and he shows me AA after I showed him an ace.
I get ante'd away on my new table and I'm down to 23k having just gonee through the blinds and I get my first chance to push in ages.. I push all in blind and get a call from my left (Steve littlejon) who is holding 10 10, nothing comes to save me, I'm holding Q5 off so I go out in 30th position with it paying down to 27. This is the deepest I have achieved in this comp so I can only build on this performance and try to go deeper in Newcastle at the next leg.

Today I am entered for the £200 freeze out that kicks off at 4pm and is likely to be a sell out and more importantly, Villa play Everton at 3pm so fingers crossed.