on 15:15

We arrive at the casino about 20 minutes late as there's heavy traffic on the M6.
There's 132 runners today and a full house expected for tomorrow.
I get pocket aces utg and raise it up to 175 (1st level) and I get 2 callers, flop comes 9 9 J and I bet out 225 and I get 1 caller, turn comes an ace and I check - he bets 500 so I ponder for a while letting him think that I've hit the ace, I re-raise him to 1500 and he calls, 4 comes on the river and I bet out 3600 to which he flat calls me after a short ponder, I show the full house an he folds. I have 14k at the first break, 13725 at the 2nd break(dinner) and 15150 at the 3rd break (end level 6). I go down to 12k when I push with pocket 10s after a raise to 2400 utg, sb (J Jeraint Hazan) ponders and folds AQ initial raiser Jamie Hallam calls me with pocket 8s, we both hit our set on the flop and I double up to 25k. Half an hour later I find Q 10 Spades and I call a raise of 2100 from the button (Tony Phillips - 2nd at the Vik GUKPT) blinds 300/600 and I'm on the small blind, Tony had not given me a walk all day and to say I was fed up with him was an understatement, Flop comes 7d Js Ks I think for a moment and I consider that if I check not only do I give him the free card (if he's got nothing) but also what would my position be if a red card comes on the turn..... "all in" I announce and Tony now goes into the think tank.. I know I'm ahead he says and starts counting out the 21500 needed to make the call.. "Call" he says and flips over AK no spade for top pair and starts saying "just one time" I cross my fingers and hope that the poker gods can get me a fix for my problem.. the 2d comes on the turn and the 9s comes to give me the straight flush and effectively kill off the continued threat from Tony. On the very next hand I am still stacking my chips from the suck out when Paul Parker 2 to my right pushes all in for 8600, I look down and find American Airlines and I "call", Paul says have you got a pair, I tell him that I have a flight for him and he laughs at his timing, He has Q3s and hits the 3 on the flop but no miracle card to save Paul. I then struggle for the last hour and see my chips go from 55k to 45k at the end of day 1a. Pictured is Paul Parker about to catch he's flight and Tony Phillips almost out apart from all the 25 chips on the table.