on 12:43

I came up to Manchester yesterday lunchtime and was too late to get in as an alternate as there was 20 players on two tables and no spare seats with 3000 chips for £50 and only making 2 seats in the prize it's little wonder that people were treating the comp as a deep stack, why they didnt make it a £30 rebuy with 1000/1500 chips is beyond me, I think it would have generated more seats, and why the card room superviser only started two tables and not three to allow for alternates is mind blowing, I speak to Johnathon Raab in the evening about the structure of the satalites and I think he will change the structure tomorrow.
8pm and I enter the £200 freezeout, 6k starting chips and a 45 minute clock all the way with running ante's. I am sat next to Gary (Aloha) Chatterton to my right. Two early hands give me 2 straights on the flop with people pushing all in to my small continuation bets and I get up to 15k by the first break. After the second break I am moved on to Matt Tylers table and I am down to around 14k when there is a limp UTG and an all in before it gets to me, AA in the hole and I push all in and I win the flip against AK and am up to 30k. Half an hour later I'm on around 40k and I'm on the BB, there's a raise UTG 4500 with the blinds at 600/1200 ra 50 Matt goes all in in mid position for approx 16,000 and I look down and find 2 black cowboys KK.. I reraise all in as the UTG has me covered and I want him out the pot, He thinks before folding and announces that he's holding JJ. Matt turns over AQ Flop J A 10 (UTG would have hit his set) turn K, river K QUADSIZZA BABY..

Matt exits and a few hands later I get moved as the BB and at the close of play I'm on 63k with the ave at 42k there are 21 players still in the mix and it pays down to 13 with first prize being a seat in the Champions of champions an just over £9k .