on 12:45

..........TIME TO RELINQUISH THE CROWN..........

£500 main event and I'm feeling very confident. I get involved in this pot in the very first level, I raise up with Ace 10 hearts and I hit a set on the flop I dont see a lot of danger on the board so I only put a small bet out there with two callers, another spade on the turn makes two now and i dont want them catching their flush cheaply so I bet out 2000 and have the one caller, a spade on the river and my caller does a bit of hollywood and sigh's, I bet out another 2000 and a/n other goe's all in.. I fold showing the set and he shows the nut flush. that cripples me and my chip counts were as follows: 3900 start of level 2, 2400 level 3, 6700 level 4 and I even get up to 9800 but I get involved with this hand when in mid table position, AKs raised with 2 limpers to 2800 and i get a call from 1 limper. 792 on flop he checks and I bet 2k he flat calls, 4h on the turn, he checks/ I check 4 on the river he checks I bet 2000 to which he flat calls and turns over 7 8 off??? I ask him if it's he's favourite hand or something. I then make amove a few hands later holding 10 J spades on a flop of 8s 9h 4s and i get 2 callers Phen holding Ace 9 takes my scalp, so I exit and take myself to DTD where I get outdrawn 3 times after being all in and ahead and that river card coming to empty my pockets of £400.