on 12:33

Today is a No-Poker day so that I can relax ready for tomorrow, I get a text from Steve Osbourne @ Gala and there's been a mix up and I have to go over to Nottingham to do some press photo's for the Daily Sport, I dont mind as Gala and the management within have been great to me since the win last year, giving me shirt sponsorship for the Party Poker European Open along with other incidentals.. I get there about 1.30pm and the place is filling up ready for day 1a with a few familer faces, I swap 5% with Dave Mauldin and Dave Smith, complete the photo shoot and chat with Mark, Steve and Adam from Gala. Mark arranges a Hotel for myself and Andrea for the weekend and I leave so I can spend the night at home keeping up to date with the posts on aworldofpoker.com