on 10:15

£200 Freeze out Nottingham Gala.
132 runners same as last night and these Gala festivals are proving to be very popular and I think they will go from strength to strength, this can only be for the good of the game. There are loads of fessies on at the moment but this one has been priced right (£100/£200 and a £500) with the main event lkely to have over £125,000 with the added prize money and a seat in the final, so this is pitched to get your beginners into the side events and the main event tailored for anyones pockets although Mark the poker manager from Gala tells me that approx half the field have qualified on line so for serious players you can see that there's not a lot of competition in the field, outdraws excluded....
Well I'm on the same table as last nights winner H.Phen and it's not long before i'm down to the felt.. I pick up the 10 Q Hearts in the cut off so I re-raise Phen and he flat calls flop comes down Q 10 4 Phen bets out 500 (this is the first level) so I re-raise him to 2500 he thinks andflat calls, tun is a 9 check / check and the river is a K, Phem bets out 2500 and I just flat call, Phen hit his king for two pair on the river KQ!! (he later told me during the £500 event that he would have folded had I bet the turn- I dont think so)
I'm crippled and struggle on to level 3 when I pick up AKs and it folds round to me in mid position so I raise it up to 950 leaving myself 1050 behind me so I aint going anywhere, it folds round to the small blind and he gives it the hollywood and sits thinking for about 5 minutes!! I eventually talk him into calling and he pushes all in and I call. I was expecting something better than the AJoff that he turned over, However, the jack on the river was enough to send me down to DTD to play the £50 freeze out where I got bust in simular circumstances raising with Queens and talking this guy holding AJ into calling me and he hits his 3 outer on the river.