on 10:23

Got back about 3am this morning after departing from Nottingham at around 2am after hitting the unlucky for some number and exiting with just my money back (£100). I was late arriving after setting out early enough to get there for 5.15 for the 6pm start I hit traffic on the M42 and then in the city centre of Nottingham. I arrive at 6.20 and my starting stack of 7500 is still intact as I'm on table 1/1.

I get caught trying to steal a couple of pots after missing everything on the flop and at the dinner break (8pm) I was struggling on 2k, there's a few familiar faces in the dinner cue, James Browning and Lynne Beaumont, Lee Danahar, Greek Jack, I'm informed that there's about 15/20 lads from Tee Side coming for the £200 + £500 events so the stage is set for a noisy atmosphere. The event was a sell out with 110 runners taking to the felt and by the end of the third level (90 minutes) we had a total of 132 runners (Alternates were joining the tables without posting a penalty - the good thing about this Gala tour is that the staff listen to you, Robin the floor manager was keen to hear views on what penalties should be given for alternates and has said that the agenda could be changed for the next leg at Bristol). This turnout generated a pot of £13,200 with today's pot guaranteed to double that as it's already sold out and they were making an alternates list up last night. Kenny the card room manager and all of his staff have done a brilliant job over at Nottingham and with Dusk to Dawn just 2 miles away and pulling punters from all over I think there were concerns that the event would not sell out so a massive pat on the back to the Nottingham staff and also the Gala/Coral marketing team for getting bums on seats. That's also possibly the reason for the high number of alternates given that DTD is down the road I think that players are pushing in early on to double up or go down the road if they get busted, In the £100 + £200 events I think it's important to get chips early as if you don't then the comps do become a crap shoot later on.
By 10.30pm I had managed to get my starting stack back and by 1.30am I had 34k with 16 players remaining. I make a move at 2am (a saver had just been agreed for 13th) with KJ suited under the gun for 45k (ave 80k and blinds at 3k/6k/ra 600) and it folds round to the button (60k) who calls me with pocket 9s.. AA776 board sends me home.