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Doesn’t seem like two weeks since I last posted and I cant imagine for one minute where the time has gone... (at the felt - most probably).

Tuesday 15th April.
I had a load of running around today after getting in at 4.30am and getting up at 8am whilst trying to relax my mind ready for the coming week over in Nottingham.. I feel calm and confident and I know that if I have half the luck that I had last year then I'll get deep this year..
I am really looking forward to it. Andrea is over in Bridgnorth trying to qualify for the Ladbrokes Women’s Open, so fingers crossed.. whilst I been updating on here, I have just won my seat for the Manchester leg of the GUKPT on the Bargain Bumper Satellite on Blue Sq for $2.50 No rebuys and no add-on 89 runners and the winner takes all, just the one prise.... so a £1250 package for the princely sum of just £1.25

Now I'm really looking forward to Nottingham

Monday 14th April
I go over to the Black Horse in Bridgnorth to play a £400 (20 seater) sit n go for a seat in the World Series out in Vegas and I fall into the trap of not re raising a raise pre flop with pocket ladies and then I go and call a bet on the king high flop for a quarter of my 100k starting stack, Ace comes on the turn and I am forced to fold to the all in push and worst of all "I know I'm ahead!!!" A few hands later I pick up 77 and push all in for 48k with sb bb and 2 limpers in the pot, I get two callers AQ & KQ, I'm ahead but wander for how long.. First card over is one of the ladies that cost me over half my stack earlier so I have to retreat to the bar area where there is a tasty cash table starting up. I sit down with £300 and wander what I'm doing when the first hand is raised to £300 pre flop and the both players go all in on the flop 5 9 3 for £1000 each
pocket 5s v QQ Shaff reloading for £1000 and next hand see's the similar betting pattern from shaff and ali, £300 pre flop and again 4 3 10 flop and the cash fly’s into the middle Shaff JJ ali 44 shaff gets shaffted for £2000 first two hands. I play the patient game and Mad Marty comes onto the table after getting busted out of the satellite and is raising all the hands with the straddle.. I pick up AA and I call the £35 that Marty has bet and get 3 callers - no raise ;-(
Flop comes down 8 A 5 and Marty comes out firing.. £50 I just flat call the bet looking to maximise my return and not wishing to scare off any other callers.. everyone else folded and Marty put me all in for the rest of my £210 giving me a pot of £660 I then sit there for another 30 minutes or so when they start a £40 SNG for a world open seat next week worth £400.. I finish 3rd, Catherine came 2nd with my mate Mark (Steven Segal look-alike) winning it, well done mate. Andrea played the Inside poker free roll tonight with 702 runners and came a very creditable 4th this is after her remarkable victory in December when winning the WPT free roll with over 540 runners for a seat at the Grand Final of the GUKPT at the Victoria worth £3200 It is without doubt that she will win something of note on the live circuit very soon.

Sunday 13th

I head back down to Luton to play the £100 freeze out, this is a 6pm start but I am an hour late due to the traffic on the M1, however the screen indicates that only 10 minutes of the first level has gone (that’s the good news) unfortunately there was only 50 runners with it paying down to 7th. It's 2.10 am I go out in 10th place with the blinds at 3k/6k ra500 and after having 55k dwindle down to 18k without playing a hand I decide to push with KJ spades and get called by pocket Jacks.. 9th + 10th got £100 so the evening was free apart from the diesel.

I satellite my way into the monthly £300 DC freeze out at Walsall (Saturday 12th April) for a total of £20 (1 add on) I go over to the Indian curry house behind the casino with Toni (De Stallion) and chill out before the main event. we take our time and enjoy the fine cuisine and we arrive back for the comp some 20 minutes late.. I'm on Table 1 seat 2 and Toni is seated in seat 4 also on the table is Steve Jelinik and his partner, Amir (Engineer) This comp had a very poor turn out with only 28 (30 including alternates) runners of which 6 had qualified through the in-house satellites.. First hand I find myself with AJ Diamonds, blinds are 25/50 and I raise to 400 with 4 limpers in the pot, I get just the one caller on the button.. flop: 2 5 J I bet out 600 and the button goes all in, I call and he flips over pocket 5s to leave me crushed. I reload for the 2nd chance 3500 and the very next hand I pick up Ace 10 hearts and I raise up to 600 as there's another 3 in the pot, I loose 1 of the limpers and the flop comes 10 high rainbow, I check as does everyone else, 8 on the turn gives me 2 pairs and I push all in as I don’t see any danger and Toni calls me and turns over pocket ladies..(blast) I have 250 left and I'm all in blind, board reads A 8 10 A 3 brilliant I think when I turn over A9 for a set of ace's and then Toni turns over pocket tens for the boat, I exit the comp having played just three hands and 5 minutes in a double chance tourney feeling rather fed up but the plus side was that I got to spend the evening at home playing scrabble with Andrea, getting my arse well and truly spanked and catching up with the sky+ box that only had 12% free because of everything stored on there.

Well I went down to Luton (Springfest) on Wednesday 9th April and played the £150 Freeze out, I was pleasantly surprised to see 145 runners stomping up over £21,000 into the prize pool..I was card dead for the first three hours or so, then I managed to get a rush of cards about 1am in the morning which saw me go from 1500 up to my peak of 22k.. I get involved in this hand when it folds round to me on the small blind and I raise up to 2400 (blinds 400/800/ra75) I am holding J 8 spades. BB thinks and flat calls, flop comes down 678 rainbow, I check and BB bets 2000 and I announce "all in" as I'm sure I can push him off the pot as he's got the same amount of chips as what I'm holding... "CALL" I hear and within a nano second his chips are over the line like he was Phil Hellmuth and he flips over 5 6 clubs for the straight, 9 of hearts comes on the turn to give me some hope but then I exit the comp in 40th place with an ace on the river.