on 11:03


I played Broadway over the weekend making the last two tables.

I also played the £100 freezeout at walsall on sunday night and the £4000 guaranteed on tuesday evening also at walsall.. hitting 2 pair on the turn of A 2 7 8 rainbow I'm holding 7 8 clubs and there's been a bet from middle position so i reraise to 1200 (i'm on the button) when the small blind re pops me with a min reraise 2400.. folds round to me and i push all in, telling the sb that his AQ AJ is noo good here... he calls me for his tournament leaving himself just 400 chips if he loses with AJ.. 2 on the river.. ohh well..

Well I haven't qualified for the Irish open so I'm going to give that one a miss and cocentrating on line for the time being, also got lots to sort out at home.