on 16:36

Well I played the main event yesterday and got through to the last ten minutes when I pushed all in - over the top of Ian Cox and two other limpers with AK suited.. Coxy calls me with pocket 7s and I get some help on the flop of 88J but a 7 on the turn seals my fate..

The Vik has cost me over £2k this week without a result and starting to feel the pinch...(ouch)

On a better note, Michelle finally had her baby after 23hrs of labour at 3.25pm this afternoon so now I feel even older now that I'm a grandad!!!


Shellie said...

Hi Dad,

Just having a look on here as edward told me about it.

You have wrote that i was in labour 23 hours it was actually 37 :o) close though.

We are staying at mums at the minuite as our water tank leaked and floaded our boiler so we have no heating or hot water at the min, they are sending someone out to fix it monday or tuesday depending when they get the parts in.

Hope your ok

See you soon, love you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx