on 22:35

Just been over to the Vik and played the afternoon satalite, chucking a further £200 at this..thats £500 this week in these satalites and nothing to show.

On the final table of the £500 are a few familiar faces in Julian Thew (chip leader - I think) Neil bad beat Channing and a lad who's been around for a short while and done very nicely with on line satalites but still needs to win something live is Mark Segal who is above average chips after knocking out the devilfish with A8 sm/bb encounter...

I am due to be a granddad any day now, so i'm waiting on that news...

Evening game is the £200 rebuy omaha tournament.. I am into it for £400 after 2 outdraws in about half an hour and decide that there's no value in it for me to lump a further rebuy into a table that is gambling with every hand being an all in decision.

I change my starting day from Friday to Thursday for the main event as I'm running that cold that I just want to get away from the place and chill out.. The Vik seems to be full of gamblers that will call you down with any old shit just because thier pocket dictates that it's bigger than yours..I may just change my game plan for tomorrow as I'm freerolling into it anyway, so if you cant beat them - join them!!!!

Still awaiting news of the baby.