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GUKPT VICTORIA LONDON 1st March - 10th March

I play a sng (£132) for the main event, 4 left and i pick up AA in the SB.. i raise BB go's all in, I call with less chips thinking happy days.. AA v 77 river card 7

In the £300 later that evening i am Sat to the left of Joe Gresh (great I think) 4th hand in and and I pick up AJ off on the button and call a raise that Joe has made with two limpers in the pot, the other two call as well and we all see KsQc10h checks round to Joe who bets the pot, I reraise two others fold and joe calls 7h on the turn, Joe bets out I re raise him, he calls and the 4h on the river.. he then fires out a 2100 bet to which I flat call for Joe to turn over Q3hearts… 3/4 my stack gone in 15minutes.. great start. I survive, up and down for the next 90 minutes or so then I push on the button with 9 10 d to get called by the big blind holding 2 2 nothing comes for me.

4th March
I play the £50 sup/sat and I’m £150 down after 4 hands being in front every time and getting sucked out. I chase a King flush draw in the £500 and do half my stack only to find out that I would have lost to Ace draw. I get low stacked, I raise mid position with KQ and got called by BB Jeff Kimber .. flop 8AQ check check King on flop, jeff bets out, I push all in jeff calls, showing A8.. 9 on the river, no help..Back to my room at the Victory services Club